Reengen’s Energy IoT Platform provides a cloud-based energy management suite that helps CFOs, building operators, and facility & maintenance managers save more than 10 percent on energy costs and provide 600 man-hour operational efficiency/year in average using real-time sensor data. The company is mainly focused on collecting enormous amounts of data coming from disparate sensors, devices and systems and turning it into actionable intelligence. With their motto ‘’Energy is the new Internet’’, the Reengen team believes they are establishing the foundations of future energy internet.

MentalUP is a game-based learning platform, having certified pedagogical games, delivering 60+ games, focusing on k12 students. It provides education and developmental brain training (pedagogically certified) web and mobile games for students, their families and schools, focusing on improving mental skills, including concentration, of children with digital educational games. MentalUP products have positive impact (certified by Mental Health Society Turkey and a partner of University College London, Educate program) on children’s mental development and academic achievement, already purchased and being used by more than 150k students in 2018.

WorqCompany provides essential business services for micro and small businesses, since inception to liquidation, with a mix of digital and physical services. The key value offering is the accessibility through digital and physical backbone and affordability through sharing economy.

Arf, the “Robinhood for sending money abroad”, combines digital/crypto finance with analog (fiat) finance to offer instant and free cross-border transfers especially for transactions below $350. Arf’s proprietary technology eliminates the need for keeping pre-funding capital in money-receiving countries which allows people, banked or unbanked, to send and receive money instantly via their email address without paying any commission. Arf believes that globally providing fee-less money transfer and money services today will make a huge positive impact in people’s lives by including them to the financial system. As Skype have disrupted paid international calls, and Whatsapp did it to paid SMS packs, Arf aims to do the same to the commission rates of incumbents like Western Union, Moneygram etc.