Cem Baytok – Managing Partner

Cem Baytok, Managing partner of idacapital is focused on fund raising, new business development, PE/VC investment management of the firm.

Cem has over ten years of PE/VC and over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience.

Since 2003, He took managing director and lead investment manager roles in Turkey in investment funds where he made many PE/VC investments at different sizes (1-100m USD), have worked on different asset classes and financial structures (Growth PE, VC, LBO, MBO, ABS, IPO and M&A) and concentrated on different industries (system integration, internet enabled services, financial services, logistics, agriculture and cleantech). He also worked at CXO levels in several of investments, taking on post investment management responsibilities.

Prior to his PE/VC experience, He was a technology entrepreneur in defense sector and a system engineer/consultant on supply chain optimization and military logistics. 

Didem Gordon – Venture Partner 

Didem Gordon  is a finance professional with 25+ years of experience in banking, investment banking and asset management covering primarily emerging markets. Until 2016, She has held various C-level positions in leading banks and financial institutions. Gordon also took on additional responsibilities locally to support the growth of Turkish capital markets such as Vice Presidency of  Turkish Asset Managers’s Association and Turkish Capital Markets Licencing Inc., Audit Committee Member of Borsa Istanbul, and BoD Member of the Turkish Capital Markets Association. She established Phaida Ventures in 2017 in order to support impact driven projects and entrepreneurs in emerging markets as well as venture investors in the ecosystem. Gordon currently consults to a variety of impact driven projects. She is a co-founder at ThreeFold Foundation and INID,  Business Consultant at TF Tech, and a Partner at Incubaid, established in Belgium. Gordon became Venture Partner of Ida Capital Impact Fund in December 2019. She also serves as a Member of the Board of Directors of British Chamber of Commerce, Turkey. Gordon is a graduate of Bogazici University (BA-Finance and Marketing) and has an MBA from SDSU in Finance.

Anıl Gökçen Körpınar – Managing Partner

Anıl Gökçen Körpınar, Managing Partner of idacapital is focused on new and exclusive business development, VC investment management of the firm.

Anıl has over twelve years of RE/PE/VC fund management and over ten years of entrepreneurial experience.

Since 1999, He owned and worked at CXO levels in several RE and ICT Ventures where he closed many investments at different sizes (5 to 20 m USD) and concentrated on different industries (technology, internet, logistics, retail, hospitality) through Turkey and Kazakhstan.

Anıl is a graduate of Bogazici University both for B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees.